Re: A Compromise to the Versioning Debate

On 15.04.2007, at 12:05, Mihai Sucan wrote:

> Le Sun, 15 Apr 2007 12:43:48 +0300, Bruce Boughton  
> <> a écrit:
>> Mihai Sucan wrote:
>>> While I personally want a switch like this "always standards- 
>>> mode", I don't agree with the assumption "we are competent enough  
>>> to make informed decisions for ourselves".
>>> [..] The majority of web developers working in companies *will*  
>>> make use of this switch unknowingly of the consequences, and then  
>>> they'll blame IE [n] for breaking their pages (because they  
>>> relied on some old bugs).
>> To find themselves in this situation, they must first explicitly  
>> opt-in to HTML5 standards mode with <!DOCTYPE html>.  When IE9  
>> comes out and perhaps breaks their sites, they can then add the  
>> IE8 mode switch.  If they were competent enough to find out about  
>> <!DOCTYPE html> they should be competent enough to find the mode  
>> switch if hand coding.  I would not expect a programmer to program  
>> Java without referring to the API, so I don't see why we expect  
>> people hand-coding HTML not to refer to the spec.  For those that  
>> don't hand code their HTML, it is important that tools vendors  
>> expose this option.
> I don't agree with that.
> The majority of incompetent web developers use tutorials and copy/ 
> paste script, use frameworks and anything premade.
> Given such switch, frameworks will require it and will only tell  
> you "please copy/paste the following line at the beginning of the  
> HTML page". They'll spare the details, if you know what I mean.
> It is inevitable, given the switch, we will end up with tons of  
> documents relying on buggy behaviour in IE n+1 will break  
> those pages if it doesn't add yet another switch.

Why even care about incompetent web developers? I don't want to start  
a discussion about the trade but seriously, being a web developer  
requires some skill that a lot of people just don't have. Catering  
for them and trying to make HTML as simple as possible so that these  
people won't have any problems is just weird. 

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