Re: Versioning and html[5]

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Dave Raggett [] wrote:
>> IE conditional comments for HTML are better than selector hacks, but
>> have to be placed in the HTML and there is currently no direct
>> equivalent within CSS.
> We did propose this in the CSS WG a couple of years ago, and got shot down.

   There's a reason for that. Prototyping using the vendor-specific
extension naming syntax works just fine. For instance, Mozilla has a
prototype implementation of "border-radius" under the name
"-moz-border-radius". When "border-radius" finally becomes part of a
recommendation, Mozilla can support it even if it doesn't work the same
as its earlier implementation because the names are different. In fact,
they can use the declaration of "border-radius" as a flag to turn off
the "-moz-border-radius" style.

   Also, CSS isn't version based to begin with. It's level based. But
even if you consider the levels nothing more than another name for
versions, how would versioning fix problems like the bugs in Internet
Explorer's CSS Level 1 implementation?

   But if you really want switches in CSS for IE to use, why not the

| * { -msie-version: 7.0; }

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