RE: Versioning and html[5]

Dave Raggett [] wrote:
>IE conditional comments for HTML are better than selector hacks, but
>have to be placed in the HTML and there is currently no direct
>equivalent within CSS.

We did propose this in the CSS WG a couple of years ago, and got shot down.

>BTW what is the recommended way to provide different styles for when
>scripting is enabled and when it is disabled?  It is easy to think
>of solutions, e.g. adding or removing classes from the onload event
>or using document.write to link to a style sheet, but it would be
>nice to have something that feels less of a kludge.

Hmm.  Can't think of one I'd specifically recommend.  Perhaps the best one would be to set up an alternate style sheet and then enable it through the OM.


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