RE: Versioning and html[5]

Bruce Boughton [] wrote:
>Chris Wilson wrote:
>>Content developers will never be happy if anything breaks, and they
>>will blame us. We CAN make our >>browsers interoperable in the future.
>>If you want other browsers to be interoperable with today's content,
>>there is nothing else for it than for them to go implement all IE's
>>bugs and foibles as >currently released.
>I don't agree.  If Firefox were to copy all IE's foibles, it would
>stop rendering content which is designed to be standards-compliant
>first and then fixed for IE, unless of course you're suggesting
>Firefox should enter IE CCs!

(and UA string, etc.)  You've found the paradox in "one spec that describes all content currently on the web," yes.  Congratulations, you win one free copy of Internet Explorer.  :)


PS - consider this reply "yes, you're right, and I was being facetious - I don't think one spec to render all the current web is possible, as I've said.  We can write one spec and try to make implemented x-browser, and make it as compatible as possible with the current web."

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