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Alexander Graf wrote:
> You do realize that all those tools use the Microsoft viewers and 
> merely provide an
> alternative interface? That also means all those tools only run on 
> Windows.
Do you realize your assertion is false as well? For example:

*Aspose.Word: *

Aspose.Words enables .NET and Java applications to read, modify and 
write WordŽ documents without utilizing Microsoft WordŽ. Aspose.Words 
supports a wide array of features including document creation, content 
and formatting manipulation, powerful mail merge abilities, exporting to 
DOC, HTML, WordprocessingML, RTF and PDF (requires Aspose.Pdf). 
Aspose.Words is truly the most affordable, fastest and feature rich Word 
component on the market.


Aspose.Cells is a non-graphical ExcelŽ spreadsheet reporting component 
that enables either .Net or Java applications to read and write ExcelŽ 
spreadsheets without utilizing Microsoft ExcelŽ. Aspose.Cells is a very 
feature rich component that offers much more than just basic exporting 
of data. With Aspose.Cells developers can export data, format 
spreadsheets in every detail and at every level, import images, import 
charts, create charts, stream ExcelŽ data, save in various formats and 
much, much more.**


TX Text Control .NET has been rebuilt from scratch to benefit from the 
new object oriented design of Visual Studio .NET. This enables 
developers to take advantage of TX Text Control .NET's new, intuitive 
class design, resulting in more effective programming, shortening of 
development cycles and reduction of development costs.

Embedded in most applications is the ability to edit text. TX Text 
Control .NET offers your developers a wide range of word processing 
functions to add to their applications. Provide your clients with a 
fully featured WYSIWYG interface to create invoices, letters, quotes or 
other office documents.

    * Standardized WYSIWYG interface
    * Fully featured word processing
    * Drag and drop

And as I said, those were only a few.  Here is a Java open-source 
project: [1]

My assertion stands; it economically possible for people to reverse 
engineer Microsoft's formats.

-Mike Schinkel -


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