User Agent (browser) WG at W3C [was: New discussion group are need]

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you wrote, quote:
> To my mind, it's will be good to have separate mailing list
> to offer and discuss feature of browser.
> I have several ideas of this kind, and they maybe usefull, i 
> hope.

the W3C does have a browser guidelines slash compliance document: 
UAAG, the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines, version 1.0 of which 
is a W3C Technical Recommendation:

although the User Agent Accessibility Working Group belongs to the 
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) domain, it stresses the importance 
of interoperability and strict conformance to specifications.

Guideline 6 of UAAG explicitly states:

source: <
Guideline 6. Implement interoperable application programming 

while Guideline 8.2 simply proclaims:

source: <
8.2 Conform to specifications

the UAWG (User Agent Working Group) is currently drafting UAAG 2.0; 
you can find out more about UAWG work at the UAWG home page:

i encourage you to monitor and join their work - new ideas and fresh 
perspectives are always welcome in any WG -- or, at least, SHOULD 

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