Formal definition of HTML5 (was Re: Version information)

>> On 13. apr. 2007, at 09.11, Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>>> As has been pointed out, the HTML5 spec defines its own syntax  
>>> and parsing requirements for the HTML serialisation.  The XML  
>>> serialisation uses XML parsing and syntax rules.
>> Could someone point me to some (simple) examples of valid HTML/XML  
>> serializations according to the proposed scheme?
> checker.xhtml#alternative-infoset-serialization
>> Is there an XML Schema of a version of HTML5 somewhere out there?
> There isn't. XML Schema is not expressive enough. For details,  
> please see the document linked to above.

Thank you. That was an impressive document.

Is there any other kind of formal definition?

How will the HTML5 language be formally defined?


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