Re: Proposing <indent> vs. <blockquote>

Let me just say that this makes perfectly sense to me. :)


Rene Saarsoo schrieb:
> Actually I agree with Mike Schinkel, that we need another
> element in addition to <blockquote> to mark up indented text,
> but it's not really <indent> what we need, and we don't
> really need it for indenting.
> Often we want to designate some portion of text from it's
> surrounding content. This could be some kind of interesting
> fact you want to add to your main content, some kind of example,
> in-depth material, etc, but it's clearly not a quotation.
> Often you might want to style it with and indent (which
> might be a good default for that element in visual user-agents),
> but it's clearly not the only way, you might want to style it.
> Happily HTML5 already defines the <aside> [1] element, that
> nicely fits for all those purposes and many more.
>   <aside>
>   I don't really agree with the use of predefined class-
>   names for it, but that's a completely other issue.
>   </aside>
> With best wishes,
> Rene Saarsoo
> [1] 

Received on Thursday, 12 April 2007 20:48:56 UTC