Re: Design Principles updated

Maciej Stachowiak schreef:
> SeparationOfConcerns: HTML should allow separation of content and 
> presentation. For this reason, markup that expresses semantics is 
> usually preferred to purely presentational markup. However, semantic 
> markup is a means to an end such as MediaIndependence. Profound and 
> detailed semantic encoding is not necessary if the end can be reached 
> otherwise. For example by defining reasonable default presentation for 
> different media may be sufficient, as for the <b> and <i> elements. 
> HTML Strikes a balance between semantic expressiveness and practical 
> usefulness. Names of elements and attributes in the markup may be 
> pragmatic (for brevity, history, simplicity) rather than completely 
> accurate. 

This takes a position on the <b> and the <i> elements. I don’t think it 
should do that.


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