Care with subject lines and threads [was: Proposal to Adopt ...]

Dailey, David P. wrote:
> * Okay I guess I have to reveal the dumb question after all:

It's reasonably clear that you have gone to some effort to answer
this question for yourself, so unless and until we figure out something
better, you are welcome to ask it here.

But I ask that you take a bit more care with subject lines. This
topic seems to deserve its own thread.

> does WHATWG allow for
> writing files client side? I see there is a super-cookie thing of some sort (the
 > Storage interface), but I'm thinking of execCommand('SaveAs',false, 
'.txt') that
> was (is?) available in IE. About seven years ago I put together a little web app
> using VML (IE only) -- the utility
 > of being able to save files to the client (or open them) should be 
> self-evident. Reading files client-side was a mess, but writing was fairly
> straightforward with an ActiveX thingy.  (do a google search: reading files javascript)

Dan Connolly, W3C

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