Re: innerHTML and setTimeout

liorean wrote:
> On 09/04/07, Dao Gottwald <> wrote:
>> innerHTML and document.write belong to the DOM spec. I'm not sure about
>> setTimeout/setInterval; that's definitely not HTML, though.
> Well, according to the charter this WG's deliverables are to include
> among other things:
> - "Document Object Model (DOM) interfaces providing APIs for such a 
> language."
> - "APIs for the manipulation of linked media."
> - "Editing APIs and user-driven WYSIWYG editing features."

Is there an active DOM WG? If so, I don't think we can take over their work.

> In my opinion, timer events belong in the DOM, as part of a
> documentation of the de facto standard Window object (which should be
> part of the DOM) or possibly as part of the DOM (3?) Events
> specification.

Err, no. Timeouts != events.


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