Re: innerHTML and setTimeout

On 09/04/07, Dao Gottwald <> wrote:
> innerHTML and document.write belong to the DOM spec. I'm not sure about
> setTimeout/setInterval; that's definitely not HTML, though.

Well, according to the charter this WG's deliverables are to include
among other things:
- "Document Object Model (DOM) interfaces providing APIs for such a language."
- "APIs for the manipulation of linked media."
- "Editing APIs and user-driven WYSIWYG editing features."

In my opinion, timer events belong in the DOM, as part of a
documentation of the de facto standard Window object (which should be
part of the DOM) or possibly as part of the DOM (3?) Events
specification. They might not have direct influence on the document,
but they are very much relevant for web applications and are the only
way to time delay actions taken when handling an event without the use
of busy waiting.

David "liorean" Andersson

Received on Monday, 9 April 2007 19:17:05 UTC