RE: Mandated Video Format


On Fri 4/6/2007 9:15 AM,  Dan Connolly wrote:

>Your argument makes a good case for a standardization effort.
>If there are two other member organizations that support it,
>that's sufficient to start an incubator group.

>By making your argument here, you're asking me chair a discussion
>of which video codec is right for the web. 

>From an admittedly naive perspective, such an incubator group could be tasked not just with deciding which video codec is right, but with inventing one, if no appropriate royalty-free one exists. The combined expertise of the browser vendors represented here should suffice to find wiggle room between the scope of existing patents for cross-frame video compression. If not, it would seem that the scope of such patents is, in some tautologically nullifying sense, overbroad.
David Dailey

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