Re: Microsoft has now joined the HTML Working Group

On Apr 5, 2007, at 3:40 PM, Doug Schepers wrote:

> Hi, Chris-
> Chris Wilson wrote:
>>> 2) Would Microsoft consider including <canvas> in "IE Next" if Apple
>>> agrees to license any associated IP, royalty-free, under W3C patent
>>> rules?
>> I explicitly cannot comment on features that will go in to the next
> > version of IE, as a matter of policy.  I think Apple needs to agree
> > that canvas should be pursued in the HTML WG, and then we can have
> > the discussion as a WG.  I'm not against canvas as a matter of
> > policy or anything.
> Surely this would be handled under the W3C Graphics Activity [1],  
> not the HTML Activity?  I think it's a useful technology, and I'd  
> like to see Apple submit it.  But it might be out of scope for the  

I think new HTML elements and DOM APIs are in scope for the HTML  
Working Group. These may include graphics capabilities, just as  
Graphics Activity specs include hypertext capabilities.

More specifically, the charter calls for:

* A language evolved from HTML4 for describing the semantics of  
documents and applications on the World Wide Web. This will be a  
complete specification, not a delta specification.
* Document Object Model (DOM) interfaces providing APIs for such a  

Clearly, <canvas> would be covered by these categories and indeed is  
used by HTML web applications today.


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