Re: argument for deprecating BLOCKQUOTE in canonical HTML/XHTML

On Wed, 04 Apr 2007 01:49:31 +0200, Dao Gottwald <>  

> Because stuff can be quoted inline and across blocks. If QUOTE is  
> inline, you can't wrap block-level content without violating the spec.

Why do you have to constrain it?

> CSS doesn't help, as it's irrelevant to the construction of the DOM tree.

It is? How can <quote><p> vs <p><quote> (for example) be irrelevant?

> I guess it would be possible to define QUOTE as flexible as DEL and INS,  
> but styling that wouldn't be trivial.

Yes it would. Inline quote:

   <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent
     euismod. <quote>Integer condimentum, urna at feugiat mollis, nisl est
     condimentum ante, eu elementum sapien turpis at risus.</quote>

   p > quote { backgorund-color: #ccc; }

Two-paragraph quote:

     <p>Cras erat nisi, venenatis non, aliquet a, aliquam vitae, magna.
       Nulla augue sapien, venenatis sed, elementum euismod, sodales in,
       felis. Nam at magna. Quisque quis est vitae lectus accumsan
     <p>Quisque ornare lorem vel tellus vulputate egestas. Proin eu tellus.
       Suspendisse potenti. Proin hendrerit lobortis nibh. Cras accumsan
       libero et orci. Pellentesque tincidunt. Ut condimentum felis et
       neque. Aliquam accumsan magna et sapien.</p>

   quote > p { display: block; margin: 1em; }

> I was under the impression that HTML must be presentable with the  
> default stylesheet. The only solution that comes to my mind is to  
> introduce new CSS pseudo-classes, e.g. :block-level and :inline.

Hm, what would trigger those modes of pseudo classes?

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