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[Bug 6834] add more number bases to form inputs?

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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 06:58:15 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Nick Levinson <Nick_Levinson@yahoo.com>  2009-04-25 06:58:15 ---
HTML5 explicitly provides for sorting. See sections (nonnormative) and,, and for the future possibly 10.4.4 (all apparently
normative by default).

Sorting is a very major part of database usage and HTML5 in providing as many
data types as it does actively supports sorting, not just input validation.
Most of the data types that HTML5 separates out would require different rules
for sorting. The types might have been separated only for ease in input
validation but their existence also supports sorting. For example, the URL type
can be sorted by TLD, domain, directory, query component, or full URL, the
email type by TLD, domain, userinfo, or whether multiple, and, of course,
number, chronological, and text fields by respective rules.

Were validation the only goal of HTML5's distinction of types, adding bases
other than 10 would not be hard to justify or execute anyway, although the
patterns should be more sophisticated to handle base identifiers within number
strings. But clearly sortation is part of the draft HTML5 specification.

Thank you.


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