Re: disposition of ISSUE 30 cited in bug 10967 insufficient

Hi Sam,

> I believe that Laura is collecting this information.


> The advice that
> both I and Maciej gave in September on this topic is still relevant today:

Thank you.

You also said previously:
"My suggestion on the way forward is to start with a single step.
Such as a widespread implementation.  I've heard second hand that
Oracle is such a user." [1]

Longdesc is used throughout Oracle's documentation [2].

Your further advice:

"My recommendation: take your time.  Build your case.  Most of all, do
 not assume that you will get multiple opportunities to do this." [3]

I have been gathering documentation [4]. It is just a matter of if it
will be productive to try to reopen ISSUE-30 or more efficient go
straight to a Formal Objection. Your advice?


Best Regards,

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