Re: Proposals from initial bug triage

While Michael Cooper is on vacation, Marco and I met to continue bug 
triage on Laura's list of bugs awaiting a a11yTF keyword decision:

We are done for now with the current 41 bugs in that list and will begin 
with the text alternatives bugs when Michael is back next week.

Bugs we recommend taking up in the task force because of importance or 
because they are already discussed at large in the task force but lack 
the keyword yet:

#9326: add a11ytf; related to ARIA mapping: Steve F. or Cynthia please 
follow-up (

#9280: add a11ytf; feature request, status "resolved later": declarable 
default submit button would be a good a11y enhancement 

#9216: add a11ytf; CAPTCHA example: bug should be reopened as WCAG 
techniques can be extended anytime and are not limited to HTML4 

#9215: add a11ytf; webcam example: bug should be reopened as Hixie 
ignores expert recommendation, Steve F. or Laura please follow-up 

#9214: add a11ytf; role="presentation" on image elements: Fixed! Laura 
or Steve please confirm that it's in the W3C spec and that copy is 
appropriate (

#8872: add a11ytf; img text alternative cascade Steve or Laura please 
confirm or reopen the bug 

#8885: add a11ytf + a11y_canvas; this is the original bug for Issue-74 
( +

#8000: add a11ytf; related to ARIA mappings Issue-85 
( +

#9061: add a11ytf + a11y_canvas; related to Issue 105 
( +

#9098: add a11ytf; img element definition: Laura and Hixie disagree, 
needs third opinion (

#9212: add a11ytf; discussion between Laura and Hixie, third opinion 
needed (also blocking #8716) 

#9113: add a11ytf; scope axis on td and th: fixed, needs confirmation 

Bugs we think the task force does not need to take up but may require 
the attention of individuals:

#7076: @coords on an anchor element is not supported in any standard 

#6496: img text alternative cascade, #8716 sums this up, no action 
required, but can't close it either yet 

#8646: Text issue, lower priority 

#9218: duplicate of 8716 (text alternative cascade;

#9217: Fixed! Laura please confirm it's been fixed and in the W3C spec 

#9213: img text alternative cascade, no current action required, 
included in #8716 (

#9135: inline link to canvas 2D section; Fixed! Steve F. please confirm 
it's in the W3C spec (

Bugs that need more discussion at the task force:

#9241, 9485, and #9233 are related to #8716: They need a general 
decision whether references to WCAG or UAAG should be made within the 
spec and in validator warnings? Isn't Steve's document on alt texts or 
WCAG techniques more appropriate?
( +

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