FPWD and Working Group Note defs for QB UCR discussion

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In today's discussion on how to proceed with the Data Cube UCR document, I promised to send Benedikt (and the group) the definitions of "first public working draft" and "working group note".

They are below.  Benedikt, hopefully this will help you have a clearer understanding of the differences between the two.  We'll look forward to your recommendation (or further discussion, if you'd like) next week.



7.1.1 Maturity Level for Work in Progress

     Working Draft (WD)

          A Working Draft is a document that W3C has published for review by the community, including W3C Members, the public, and other technical organizations. Some, but not all, Working Drafts are meant to advance to Recommendation; see the document status section of a Working Draft for the group's expectations.

7.4.1 First Public Working Draft

     Purpose: The publication of the First Public Working Draft is a signal to the community to begin reviewing the document.

     Ongoing work: After publication of the First Public Working Draft, the Working Group generally revises the technical report (see the Working Group "Heartbeat" Requirement) in accordance with its charter.

7.1.3 Maturity Level When Ending Work on a Technical Report

     Working Group Note

          A Working Group Note is published by a chartered Working Group to indicate that work has ended on a particular topic. A Working Group MAY publish a Working Group Note with or without its prior publication as a Working Draft.

All three sections are from the W3C Technical Report Development Process: http://www.w3.org/2005/10/Process-20051014/tr.html

Hadley Beeman
W3C Government Linked Data Working Group

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