Scope Proposal

We discussed at the recent summit setting a scope for the group. Please
comment on this proposal for the group's scope:

The goal of the games community group is to improve the quality of games
the can be built using open web standards. This is done by:
  * Tracking specifications and vendor implementations related to open web
  * Recommending new specifications to be produced and finding working
group homes for them.
  * Refining use cases to communicate specific needs of games.
  * Evangelizing specifications to browser vendors.
  * Helping the community make open web games.

The games community group will NOT develop any specifications, and thus,
there will not be any Essential Claims under the W3C Contributor License
Agreement or Final Specification Agreement.

I've discussed previously[1] the motivation to not generate specifications
in this group.


Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2011 19:00:56 UTC