[Draft Report] W3C Games Community Group Summit Nov 2011

Hello Games Community Group,
Thank you to all who came out to the summit last week. I am writing to the
public mailing list, and BCCing all that registered online for the summit.

I have posted a draft report at:

I have added everyone receiving this email as an commenter on the google
doc. I did my best to fill in our group notes. There are still some holes
and I could use your help.

You may log in to google docs and comment on the draft here:

*If anyone has any trouble commenting, please email me.*

Please *review the draft and comment* on it with greater
*detail/definition*in lacking areas, and with any
*general feedback* you have.

I am planning to *publish this report on Thursday* to the games community
group blog.

After we publish this report, and have some forward movement in terms of
bug filing, working group finding, we will schedule another summit.

*If you are getting this email, and have not signed up for the W3C Games
Community Group, please do so at this time:
http://www.w3.org/community/games. All further communication will be on the
public-games@w3.org mailing list.*

Thanks again everyone,
Boaz Sender
http://bocoup.com | 1-617-379-2752
355 Congress St, Boston MA, 02210

Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2011 05:47:22 UTC