Re: Scope Proposal

I +1 this charter. If everyone is copacetic, I will update the goals on our
home page on Thursday before posting our summit report.


On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Vincent Scheib <> wrote:

> We discussed at the recent summit setting a scope for the group. Please
> comment on this proposal for the group's scope:
> """
> The goal of the games community group is to improve the quality of games
> the can be built using open web standards. This is done by:
>   * Tracking specifications and vendor implementations related to open
> web games.
>   * Recommending new specifications to be produced and finding working
> group homes for them.
>   * Refining use cases to communicate specific needs of games.
>   * Evangelizing specifications to browser vendors.
>   * Helping the community make open web games.
> The games community group will NOT develop any specifications, and thus,
> there will not be any Essential Claims under the W3C Contributor License
> Agreement or Final Specification Agreement.
> """
> I've discussed previously[1] the motivation to not generate specifications
> in this group.
> [1]

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