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Draft minutes for 2008-10-29 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 29 October)

TELECON AGENDA: 29 OCT 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 29 October)

Fw: declarative expressions in HTML5 John Boyer (Tuesday, 28 October)

Naming the forms/attribute technology [was Re: Discussion points for "Forms-A"] Mark Birbeck (Monday, 27 October)

Form-A spec updated John Boyer (Monday, 27 October)

Discussion points for "Forms-A" John Boyer (Monday, 27 October)

Earlier times for Europeans next week(s) Steven Pemberton (Friday, 24 October)

4 Action Items Done John Boyer (Monday, 20 October)

Face to face agenda for Oct. 20-21, 2008 John Boyer (Sunday, 19 October)

XForms 1.1 editor's draft updated John Boyer (Sunday, 19 October)

Extended Deadline Submission (SETIT'O9) MedSalim BOUHLEL (Friday, 17 October)

Need updated work on submission header feature John Boyer (Saturday, 18 October)

Ubiquity XForms Webforms-a Example for Firefox 3 Thomas Ling (Friday, 17 October)

Draft minutes for 2008-10-16.html (partial day) Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Thursday, 16 October)

XHTML2 WG would like to talk about XML Events 2 in Cannes Steven Pemberton (Thursday, 16 October)

Draft minutes for 2008-10-15 F2F Virtual Day, Second Half Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 15 October)

Updated the bind module (Wednesday, 15 October)

Updated list of action items 2008-10-14 (Wednesday, 15 October)

FtF Virtual Days Agenda, Oct. 15-16, 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 15 October)

Updated XML Data and XForms Instance modules Charles F Wiecha (Wednesday, 15 October)

[Implementations] JavaRosa Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 14 October)

[News] USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses XForms to prepare electronic submissions Steven Pemberton (Friday, 10 October)

LC Comment: Common event info from event() John Boyer (Wednesday, 8 October)

Draft minutes for 2008-10-08 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 8 October)

Regrets (Wednesday, 8 October)

TELECON AGENDA - 08 OCT 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 8 October)

Possible regrets for this Wednesday's call (eom) Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 8 October)

[implementations] Alfresco Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 7 October)

Actions done John Boyer (Tuesday, 7 October)

LC comment on access module usage with XForms John Boyer (Tuesday, 7 October)

Draft minutes for 2008-10-01 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 1 October)

Regrets Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 1 October)

TELECON AGENDA - 01 OCT 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 1 October)

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