[News] USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses XForms to prepare electronic submissions

"FDA is collaborating with GlobalSubmit on software to create SPL files  
based on XForms technology. You can access the free XForms from the  
GlobalSubmit web site at Global Submit XPortal"

Version 1.0 released this week.


"XPortal is a revolutionary new way to prepare electronic submissions for  
the FDA. Under the direction of the FDA, GlobalSubmit has developed XForms  
that capture:

- RPS (Regulated Product Submissions)
- ICSR (Individual Case Safety Report)
- SPL (Structured Product Labeling)
- Stability

To use XPortal, you may use either Internet Explorer or Firefox with XForm  

Internet Explorer
Use IE 6.0 or higher with MozzIE 1.8 Add-on. MozzIE is required to support  
XForms in the IE browser.

Use Firefox Firefox and install the Mozilla XForms 0.8.5 Add-on."



Received on Friday, 10 October 2008 15:18:11 UTC