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[dxwg] Adjusting usage note dcterms:language (#1535)

[dxwg] authenticity and integrity of dcat files and associated datasets (#1526)

[dxwg] can dcat:version be used on any resource? (#1534)

[dxwg] dcterms:language property in dcat:Distribution (#1532)

[dxwg] Definition of dcat:spatialResolutionInMeters incompatible/problematic with JSON-LD (#1536)

[dxwg] Definition of dcat:spatialResolutionInMeters incopatible/problematic with JSON-LD (#1536)

[dxwg] metadata for private queries of a data service (#1525)

[dxwg] new commits pushed by davebrowning

[dxwg] provide DCAT3 RDF and ttl downloads (#1533)

[dxwg] Pull Request: Dcat issue 1498 bis

[dxwg] Pull Request: Properties without specified domains

[dxwg] Questions following TAG review (#1530)

[dxwg] Revisions to RDF files (#1498)

[dxwg] Updating dcat3-external.* (#1538)

Closed: [dxwg] dcterms:language property in dcat:Distribution (#1532)

DXWG Meeting - 11 October 2022

Event Invitation: Dataset Exchange Working Group Plenary

Event Invitation: DCAT subgroup

Event Updated: Dataset Exchange Working Group Plenary

Event Updated: DCAT subgroup

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