Re: [dxwg] Definition of dcat:spatialResolutionInMeters incompatible/problematic with JSON-LD (#1536)

The more I think about this issue, the more I believe that the problem is the definition of `xsd:decimal` itself. It should allow the E notation. And the good new is... in practice, it kind of does. I've done my research, and a significant number of RDF implementations supporting `xsd:decimal` are perfectly happy with, e.g., "1.23E1"^^xsd:decimal.

I have created a repo describing the issue, and the current state of implementations:

I thought I would share this with the semantic web mailing list to get a sense of the community's opinion about this. @iherman, @gkellogg, what do you think?

To get back to your issue, @jakubklimek, my conclusion is that you should be using strings to be on the safe side, *but* in many cases you may still use numbers and not run into any problem, because many implementations will recognized these non-standard xsd:decimals produced by JSON-LD...

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