Re: [dxwg] Definition of dcat:spatialResolutionInMeters incompatible/problematic with JSON-LD (#1536)

> The more I think about this issue, the more I believe that the problem is the definition of `xsd:decimal` itself. It should allow the E notation. 

Well, I do not have any contact with the main developers of XSD schemas any more, so we can only guess why they created this datatype in the first place. I would _think_ that they thought authors should use `xsd:float` or `xsd:double` if using E notation. But that is water under the bridge now; I do not think XSD will ever change.

One could also say that RDF may have been lazy by simply adopting XSD as the bases for datatypes instead of adopting something possibly simpler (how many people are there around who read the XSD specification with all its intricacies and details?). I suspect that may also be water under the bridge...

> And the good new is... in practice, it kind of does. I've done my research, and a significant number of RDF implementations supporting `xsd:decimal` are perfectly happy with, e.g., "1.23E1"^^xsd:decimal.

Which reinforces what I said: even developers did not read (or possibly did but wilfully ignore) the XSD spec... 😀

> I have created a repo describing the issue, and the current state of implementations:
> I thought I would share this with the semantic web mailing list to get a sense of the community's opinion about this. @iherman, @gkellogg, what do you think?

I am not sure if it is worth if the question is how JSON-LD would have to map to RDF w.r.t numbers. There may be a (much) longer discussion on the whole area of datatypes for RDF, and whether, after 20 years, the choice of XSD was indeed a judicious one and whether a major simplification in that area would be worthwhile. But that discussion makes only sense if it leads to some consistent datatype specification that future RDF data can universally use; otherwise it will lead to a purely academic discussion...

(A good thing is that any change does not necessarily require the a change in the RDF standard itself, although the [RDF spec]( lists XSD explicitly. Nothing forbids to propose, and widely adopt, an alternative datatype system.)

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