Re: [dxwg] Values for dcterms:conformsTo of instances dcat:DataService (sparql endpoints, for example) (#1211)

@andrea-perego thanks for the answer. I must say I am mildly convinced by the discussion on #1225. The protocol URI seems to have appeared out of the blue there, without explanation.

I have tried to see if the European Data Portal could give us expectation of the usage of the protocol URI vs the query language URI. Firing the query
PREFIX dct: <> 
SELECT distinct ?d ?s
WHERE { ?d dct:conformsTo ?s 
       FILTER contains( STR(?s), "sparql")}
I obtained only results with *But* they seem to come from one catalogue, so I'm not sure this is a strong proof.

Maybe this is something we could ask advice from the wider group? Unless you can show me some more motivation, which I would probably accept :-)

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