[dxwg] property profileOfTransitive

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== property profileOfTransitive ==
I guess the intention for profileOfTransitive was to replicate the modelling pattern adopted for the broaderTransitive and broader properties in SKOS. 
In that case, I have two issues:

- I would consider renaming this property in "transitiveProfileOf". Of course,  I leave the last word to native speakers   but while "broaderTransitive"  works well to me, "profileOfTransitive" is a little confusing, probably due to the 'Of" before "Transitive" which might be interpret as "profile of transitive" instead of "profileOf transitive". 

- In order to replicate the skos:broader /skos:broaderTransitive,  the following statement might be added 
prof:profileOfTransitive rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty , owl:TransitiveProperty .
prof:profileOf rdfs:subPropertyOf prof:profileOfTransitive .

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Received on Tuesday, 23 October 2018 14:23:53 UTC