Re: [dxwg] property profileOfTransitive

@riccardoAlbertoni I will give you a thumbs up from a native speaker point of view regarding profileOfTransitive, but I would also question whether "transitive" expresses the intended meaning here. Although the usage here is similar to SKOS's broaderTransitive, I feel like the relationships between profiles is more complex than the "broader/narrower" type as used in SKOS. I am thinking of the case where:

vocabularyA exists  
vocabularyB exists  
profileC is a profile of A and B although it uses only portions of A and B  
profileD is a profile of C  using some portions of profileC but adding terms from another vocabulary

Under what conditions could you say that profileD is a profile of(transitive) profileC? Do they have to use all of the same terms and constraints? I feel like this question gets very complex very quickly. At the very least, there would need to be rules that govern transitivity.

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Received on Tuesday, 23 October 2018 15:19:29 UTC