Re: [dxwg] vann:usageNote used incorrectly in DCAT RDF representation

By `dc` I meant DC Elements; `dct` (DC Terms) uses mostly object properties (and introduces some duplication, eg `dct:date` is just the same as `dc:date`). And shows good amounts of ontological over-commitment, eg it's a good idea to use `dct:language` to hold a language URL, but very few if any language resources in the world use type `dct:LinguisticSystem`.

@makxdekkers, @akuckartz any valid RDF representation certainly has explicit features showing whether something is a URL or literal, so no guessing is needed. 
If you interpret your RDF data according to declared property ranges, you're doing it wrong.
In RDF XML and Turtle that's part of the syntax, in JSONLD you got `'@type':'@id'` (which is often put in a context). 

Sem web being Open World must necessarily be tolerant towards data providers. is like this (pretty much all props take object or Text), but its context makes some over-commitments.

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Received on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 08:10:38 UTC