Re: [dxwg] Use case: web browser navigation of profile information

@nicholascar we have discussed your use case in the Profile Negotiation call and we're not sure everything is clear. At least for me ;-)
I got some explanations from others (@RubenVerborgh and @rob-metalinkage) but I think the use case's wording should be clearly worded, especially on the questions:

1. Is this case about (a) negotiating for data, i.e. to get data for a URI according to some profile, but not using accept headers, or (b) negotiating for profiles, i.e. to get a description of a profile in HTML, or both? If it's both, is there a prioritization that would help understand better? 
In our call, the others made me understand that it is chiefly about (a) but that for a user doing (a) they have to get some profile info and thus do be able to do (a). But this I think is not reflected by the title's emphasis on "navigation of profile information".

2. Could there be more concrete example about what the negotiation without accept headers would look like? Again I understand that this is the object of the part on Query String Arguments (QSA)  and  `_view`, but it would be clearer if you'd show a concrete "data URI" being queried, with a concrete profile parameter (even if you make these URIs up, at least one would see the structure of the solution).

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