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== Use case: web browser-accessible profile information ==
### Use case: web browser-accessible profile information
Status: Proposed


Creator: Nicholas Car

Deliverable(s): Content Negotiation

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## Stakeholders
data consumer

## Problem statement
For human Linked Data data consumers, it is difficult to use HTTP headers such as `Accept` to perform content negotiation. Web browsers, the primary tool humans use to access Internet resources, do not lend themselves easily to HTTP header setting for non-advanced users. 

In addition to any HTTP Content Negotitation-based approaches to navigate available profiles of information about a resource, we wish to provide a web-browser-friendly equivalent methods for humans.

## Existing approaches
Established practice in Australian science agencies is to have a catalogue server that is able to respond to Query String Arguments (QSA) in place of, or even overriding, HTTP headers. 

When using the [Geoscience Australia Samples Catalogue](http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/samples/), data consumers are able to ask for different profiles of metadata about samples using a `_view` QSA and different formats either using the HTTP Accept header or a `_format` QSA which, if present, will override the Accept header. For [Sample AU239](http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/sample/AU239), some available profiles and the formats they are available in are:

PROV Ontology | prov | text/html, text/turtle, application/rdf+xml | http://www.w3.org/ns/prov/ | The W3C's provenance data model
SOSA Ontology | sosa | text/turtle, application/rdf+xml, application/rdf+json | http://www.w3.org/ns/sosa/ | The W3C's Sensor, Observation, Sample, and Actuator ontology within the Semantic Sensor Networks ontology
IGSN Schema 1 | igsn-r1 | text/xml | http://schema.igsn.org/description/1.0 | Version 1 of the official IGSN XML schema


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