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Hi Karen,

Addressing some of the points below:

* profileDesc, ImplResourceDesc:
Within the ontology itself, profileDesc is never used. IT's only used informally in HTML docs perhaps. Since ImplResourceDesc is only ever used in RDF (given it's a class name, not a label) I see little chance for confusion here. I do think we might come up with a better name or abbreviation for the ontology as a whole though. I've previously suggested just referring to it as PROF like we do PROV, ORG etc.

* dcterms:format is defined 2 separate times
You are correct. We are using it as an Object Property but it's inheriting from `dc:format` which is interpreted as an AnnotationProperty. I will push a change to remove it's AnnotationProperty definition, given that we intend to use it as an ObjectProperty only.

* Definition for hasProfile. "known profile of a specification" line 86
Added, as the inverse of profileOf

* Definition for Base Specification
This already has the following definition (rdfs:comment) "A specification that defines all implementation constraints, without applying constraints on usage of another specification." Additionally it has a note (dc:description -> updated to dcterms:description) "This may not be a useful class, but documents that any specification can be regarded as a trivial profile, so applications only need to be concerned with Profile conformance."

* Definition for " Implementing resource"
Taken on notice to add

* Definition for " implementing rules"
Taken on notice to add

* Definition for " implementation"
Taken on notice to add

* use of dct:type, given here as "purpose".
Good pick. I have substantially altered the definition of ImpleResourceDesc to be "A resource that defines implementing rules for a profile. The formalism (dcterms:format for syntax; dcterms:conformsTo for standards adherence) and purpose (resourceRole) of it must be given"

* Need examples of resource role
A demo vocabulary of ResourceRoles is provided in the profiledesc folder: 





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The following are some notes that I made while reviewing profileDesc.ttl[1]. There may be other questions, etc. but I wanted to put these out there sooner rather than later.

profileDesc, ImplResourceDesc:

in profileDesc the "Desc" stands for "description"
in ImplResourceDesc the "Desc" stands for "descriptor"
(inconsistent use of abbreviation of terms)

dcterms:format is defined 2 separate times:
57-60 - Annotation property
126-127 - Object property
(It is defined in DC as an object property)

Note that there are other mis-matches between dcterms as defined and their use in profileDesc. The question is: does that matter?

Need definitions of:

- specification, e.g. "known profile of a specification" line 86
- base specification
- Implementing resource, implementing rules, e.g. line 168, and "implementation" in general
- use of dct:type, given here as "purpose". Defined in dct as "The nature or genre of the resource". See: (DCMI Type Vocabulary). It's hard to see how a format = purpose, so clarification is needed.

Need examples of:

- resource role


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