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== Profile description model and vocabulary ==
There are decisions that the group needs to make regarding the [profile description ontology ](https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/tree/gh-pages/profiledesc)and model brought by @nicholascar and @rob-metalinkage. 

There are a number of components here that are likely to be conflated:

1. **Requirements for description.** There are requirements for the description of profiles, e.g. "Requirement: Profiles should be able to indicate what external standards specifications are expected to be applied/have been applied to the data provided". Many of these could be included in a profile or be part of a separate profile description. ([Karen's analysis of requirements](https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/wiki/Profiles-Requirements-Analisys)). These could provide the rationale behind a profile description vocabulary

2. **Model for profile description.** There is the possibility to provide, within profile guidance, a model of profile description. This model could be presented as a part of a profile (similar to administrative metadata), as a separate set of metadata, or both. The separate solution would be implementable today, but not the part of a profile, because we have no  ontology for profiles. Providing this model may or may not also imply WG endorsement of the profileDesc vocabulary.

3. **profileDesc ontology.** The third component is the profileDesc vocabulary. We have discussed the options here as:

- Include the ontology in the Profile Publication Guidance document, on recommendation track
- The ontology would be a separate deliverable on recommendation track
- The ontology would be a WG note
- The ontology would not be a WG deliverable

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