Re: Problems with comment mailing list?

Hi Phil,

Actually his is not what happened. Nuno got this:

Subject:  Re: In DCAT, Is is possible to specify an void:rootResource in DCAT?
Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2018 07:39:01 +0000

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So there was not much he could do...



On 17/04/18 16:58, Phil Archer wrote:
> You don't have to subscribe, but when you post to a W3C list for the first time, you get a mail back with a link you have to follow to allow the mail to be archived. If that step wasn't followed then the mail won't have got through. The authorisation option includes one for "any list, don't ask me again" so it's something one quickly forgets about.
> If there's a real problem, Dave (or anyone) can ping the systems team of course (
> Phil
> On 17/04/2018 15:42, Karen Coyle wrote:
>> Antoine - was the email from your colleague addressed to the comments
>> list? And it was blocked there? I've looked at the various process
>> documents on the W3C site and it isn't clear to me if folks have to
>> subscribe to the comments list before they can post. However, if that is
>> the case,then we should include that in our calls for comments.
>> kc
>> On 4/17/18 2:06 AM, Antoine Isaac wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> I'm wondering whether the mailing list works
>>> well for us.
>>> I just had to forward myself a perfectly legit mail from a colleague,
>>> which was blocked. And the number of emails that we got on this list is
>>> not high:
>>> Could it be that others were blocked?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Antoine

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