Re: [dwbp] Updating contributors on the BP-status

Dear Berna, Carol  Newton, and  Antoine

I have revised the example for Best Practice 7: Provide data quality
information,  you can find my revision already included in Github.

I have not yet worked much on the human readable part of the aforementioned
Could you confirm that    the human readable part   expected to be added to
the   dwbp-example-html page, and we  are  using HTML/RDFa in it?

In theory we might consider to include other examples from DQV, in
particular,  I am thinking to the following

-Express that a dataset received an ODI certificate,
-Express the conformance of a dataset's metadata with a standard,

But I am not sure that such a content replication between DQV and BP
documents   makes any sense,  what do you think?

Best Riccardo

On 5 February 2016 at 19:28, Newton Calegari <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> thank you for the call today, it was very helpful to have your agreement
> to the assigned BPs. Thank you all for contributing :-)
> We updated the table [1] and there are still two BPs without member
> assignments to take care of, so we kindly ask the group if there are
> volunteers to work on the BP 6: Provide data provenance information
> <> and BP 27: Assess
> dataset coverage <>.
> cheers,
> Berna, Carol and Newton
> [1]
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