RE: ACTION-81: Reviewing COMURI document


URI Variants:
At the URI Variants’ section might be interesting to show examples using Language Tag (BCP 47) [3].
In this way we can encourage the use of the Language Tag as a standard to multilingual URI.

"de" is a BCP47 (and a ISO-639-2) language tag:

"zh-cmn-Hans-CN" a BCP47 (not ISO-639-*) language tag zh-cmn-Hans-CN (Chinese, Mandarin, Simplified script, as used in China)


Big and Small data
In data issues, “Capability to identify big and small data – whole database and record”, maybe it could be changed to
"Capability to identify different kinds of data granularity - whole database or a single record”. What do you think?

I agree: it was changed on the 30 Sep

Thanks for the comments



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