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Dear all,

As you may have noticed ;-) I've been looking carefully at the Use Cases 
document this week. Initially my aim was just to offer an extra pair of 
eyes, spot inconsistencies in language etc. But having begun to go 
through it I found a small number of issues that I felt needed looking 
at. That's what the e-mail traffic has been about this week.

The end result is available for now in my fork on GitHub [1]. I leave it 
to Deirdre and Bernadette to accept/decline the pull request to add 
these changes to the actual editors' draft.

Things that need looking at/noting.

1. I've added in the Ordnance Survey UC that I wrote by adding it to the 
existing Tracking of Data Usage UC.

2. I've added Sumit's UC - which covers a lot of requirements (ref 

3. I've updated the requirements/links in accordance with that.

4. Made trivial changes to the language (being a native speaker with a 
family history of pedantry is sometimes an advantage, sometimes a curse).

5. Raised two issues in tracker, one of which IMO was resolved (Issue-46 
on URI design) although I'm not sure Deirdre is happy with that.

6. Raised a question for Laufer (Issue-47)

7. Closed Issue-10, Issue-13, Issue-40, Issue-43 with relevant actions, 
e-mails sent and archived.

8. We still have 2 open issues that I don't feel able to resolve without 
WG discussion:

Makx was asking about whether UCs could be split into different 
categories given that they cover wide areas and styles. That's Issue-31

Eric S asked whether the UCs give sufficient coverage to closed data. I 
have a feeling that they don't...

That makes a total of 3 open issues and 4 that I closed that the 
relevant people may feel should not have been closed and therefore wish 
to re-open.

With this and COMURI to discuss, tomorrow's call is going to be a 
particularly interesting and substantive one I think.


[1] http://philarcher1.github.io/dwbp-1/usecasesv1.html


Phil Archer
W3C Data Activity Lead

+44 (0)7887 767755

Received on Thursday, 2 October 2014 14:23:04 UTC