Re: A doubt on service provision shades

by the way, a similar issue occurs in choosing between 
"OptimisationForConsumer" and "ServicePersonalization"

On 26/10/22 10:11, Piero Bonatti wrote:
> Dear Harsh and all,
> while writing the privacy policies for TRAPEZE's pilots I stumbled into 
> a case where telling which is the right purpose to use is not obvious.
> The use case is related to banking. A bank maintains bank accounts, 
> executes payments, and manages portfolios.  These activities look like 
> services, but at the same time the bank regards account provision and 
> portfolio management as different products that are sold to its customers.
> So which purpose should be used for this kind of data processing, 
> SellProducts or RequestedServiceProvision?  In the above use case the 
> two terms overlap and there are no clear guidelines to tell which of 
> them should be used.
> By the way, this situation introduces a delicate issue for TRAPEZE. 
> Unclear semantics may jeopardize two of TRAPEZE's paramount goals, that is:
> - ease of use;
> - interoperability (as different stakeholders may use different terms 
> for a same purpose).
> A possible way to mitigate this issue is to enrich the documentation 
> with further explanations based on the motivations for introducing 
> different terms for similar concepts.
> Kind regards,
> Piero

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