Re: Use of "has" or "is" in DPV's properties

Turns out if you don't care about IE8 or earlier, HTML ids are 
case-sensitive. So I'll amend my answer as: just sem-web convention. 
AFAIK no one raised this as an question/issue before, so we continued 
using the same prefix-based notation in all properties.

I went over the old minutes, and I couldn't find anything explicit about 
this. But I remember distinctly it being discussed and the room agreeing 
to use of prefixes as per sem-web convetion - probably during the 2018 

If there's a call to change these (e.g. turn hasDataSubject into 
dataSubject) - this represents a major change because it will completely 
break any backward compatibility. However, we're not v1/stable, so this 
may not be that bad, but IMHO we should have a stronger reason than 
shaving a few bytes off.

To give an idea of what others do: there's evidence for using both 
styles. With prefixes: PROV-O, TIME, ODRL ;; Without prefixes: DCAT, 
TIME (does both styles), SHACL.


On 23/03/2022 19:46, Harshvardhan J. Pandit wrote:
> Hi. I don't believe there is a formal record of this in the mailing list 
> or meeting notes (would like to be wrong on this), but the format was 
> because (a) sem-web convention; and (b) in case-agnostic environments, 
> DataSubject and datasubject cannot be distinguished and cause issues. 
> E.g. HTML ids are case insensitive and ReSpec (the documentation tool) 
> will annoyingly complain on duplicates between DataSubject and datasubject.
> On 23/03/2022 17:12, wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Sorry if this topic has been discussed before and I missed it.
>> Was there at any point a discussion about using "has" or "is" as 
>> prefixes for properties in DPV instead of starting a property with 
>> lowercase letters and a class with uppercase (e.g., instead of having 
>> dpv:hasDataSubject, having just dpv:dataSubject)?
>> Best regards,
>> Beatriz Esteves

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