Re: Use of "has" or "is" in DPV's properties

Hi. I don't believe there is a formal record of this in the mailing list 
or meeting notes (would like to be wrong on this), but the format was 
because (a) sem-web convention; and (b) in case-agnostic environments, 
DataSubject and datasubject cannot be distinguished and cause issues. 
E.g. HTML ids are case insensitive and ReSpec (the documentation tool) 
will annoyingly complain on duplicates between DataSubject and datasubject.

On 23/03/2022 17:12, wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Sorry if this topic has been discussed before and I missed it.
> Was there at any point a discussion about using "has" or "is" as 
> prefixes for properties in DPV instead of starting a property with 
> lowercase letters and a class with uppercase (e.g., instead of having 
> dpv:hasDataSubject, having just dpv:dataSubject)?
> Best regards,
> Beatriz Esteves

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