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[admin] Cancel DAP teleconference 17 July 2013

[admin] DAP test submission and approval process based on WebApps WG approach

[discovery] getNetworkServices should return a Promise instead of callbacks.

[light, proximity] Proposed privacy considerations text for Proximity Events and Ambient Light Events specs

[network-discovery] Open Issues for Network Discovery

[Permissions] Notification on Device API Access

[Vibration API] Resolution of question re device mode - please confirm by 16 July

[vibration] comment on 20130723 CR, section 4 #3 and #5

[vibration] CR draft of Vibration API published

[vibration] How to handle iframes?

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 10 July 2013

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 23 July 2013

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 24 July 2013 (corrected date)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 3 July 2013

Announce a webapp as a Network Services Discovery

CfC: publish Vibration API again as CR, respond by 16 July (Tuesday)

DAP-ISSUE-129: Simplify Network Service Discovery API [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-130: Enable variety of protocols (e.g. UPnP, Bonour) with protocol independent developer code [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-131: Support UPnP device discovery by Device Type? [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-132: Announce a webapp as a Network Services Discovery [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-133: Fix UPnP events subscription and unsubscription [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-134: Rename NetworkServices and NetworkService events [Network Service Discovery]

Device APIs Working Group Extended

Draft minutes 10 July 2013

Draft Minutes 3 July 2013

Promises - review of use in Network Service Discovery draft?

TPAC registration open

Vibration API - how to handle iframes

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