Re: Announce a webapp as a Network Services Discovery

> This very often pops up in discussions relating to this API. Such an
> API would unquestionably be very powerful. To date our (Opera's)
> priority has been on enabling the consumption of existing networked
> services as a stage 1 objective - to see if there was interest in the
> community for such an API. I'm not sure we have the API 100% right
> just yet so biting off more advanced use cases and building that on
> top of a shifting base API could be risky.

It make sense to start listening for current available services. In my
own use case, I want to use it in connection with WebRTC so no
signaling server would be required to connect the peers (at least on
LAN), both for videoconference and more specially for file transfers.

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Received on Friday, 26 July 2013 11:01:41 UTC