[Powerbox] A RESTful proposal for Web enabling devices

Mark Miller, Marc Seaborn and myself have created a draft proposal for
a RESTful approach to addressing the design challenges this WG is
working one. The Powerbox is a general purpose mechanism for
introducing customer content to new and potentially private resources.
New kinds of resources can be made accessible to Web content by using
the Powerbox for discovery and introduction, existing user-agent APIs
such as XMLHttpRequest for interaction, existing MIME media types for
syntax, and HTTP methods for general semantics.

The attached proposal provides exact details on how a Powerbox works,
provides advice on how to use it and explains one example use-case,
making a video camera accessible to Web content. I hope to expand the
proposal with additional examples. Please suggest examples you'd find

We hope this proposal can provide a basis for this WG's design work,
so we're interested in feedback on the proposal and how it might
better meet the needs of this WG.


Received on Friday, 19 February 2010 18:49:15 UTC