Re: Concrete REST proposal timing and status

Hi Frederick,

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Frederick Hirsch
<> wrote:
> Mark
> It is important the the WG make good and timely decisions regarding REST and
> its deliverables. The WG  has been discussing REST in general terms for some
> time but needs to  make decisions and move on soon, so that we can make
> progress before  the next F2F.  Without a concrete proposal we will need at
> some point to decide to continue with our current contributions.
> The DAP WG agreed to the following resolution on the last call, 10  February
> 2010 [1]:
> RESOLUTION: if the WG does not have a concrete REST proposal including
> policy concerns, in 2 weeks, we will move forward with existing policy
> and API plans
> It was indicated on the call that a proposal is already almost ready, so we
> felt  this was a reasonable resolution. I believe you offered to make a
> proposal, though I cannot find an ACTION in tracker.  Can you please share
> the proposal or  indicate the status?

I've only outlined a possible approach so far, and a considerable
amount of work would be required to turn it into a proper proposal.
Alas, I don't have the cycles I'd need to accomplish this in a week
(or even a month for that matter).

FWIW, I'm content that you've decided not to move forward with an
alternative approach at this time; perhaps a future instantiation of
the WG might choose to tackle it.  I'm very glad the value in a
generic solution was recognized.


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