[contacts] Contacts API update


I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Contacts API following
feedback from the group: http://dev.w3.org/2009/dap/contacts/

A summary of the changes is as follows (from the CVS log):

- Reduced scope of ContactProperties to be the intersection of existing
implementation property capabilities [1]
- Removed Contact interface constructor. Added 'create' factory method
to Contacts interface. [2] [3]
- Simplified representation of Contact interface name and addresses
attributes to a search-friendly flat-structure. [4]
- 'Contact Search processing rules' section editorial re-write. [5]
- Removed references to vCard. [6]
- Examples updated.
- Split SuccessErrorCallback interface in to multiple context-driven
callback interfaces.  
- Moved ContactError codes to GenericError interface.
- Updated Core Device references where required [7]

I have also made the following changes that require review from the DAP

1. Added initial sorting and grouping to the ContactOptions interface.
(Please provide feedback to the list)
2. Removed Contacts.find() overloading due to addition of sorting and
grouping functionality and on the groups that OR functionality can be
adequately acheived via multiple find() requests. (Please provide
feedback to the list)
3. Added recommendation in 'Contact Search processing rules' section
that search matching SHOULD be loose (return substring matches) as
opposed to strict (return full attribute matches only).  (Please provide
feedback to the list)

In addition, it would be great to have some feedback on the included
'Security and Privacy Considerations' in the current specification.

I have not currently added a convenience function to create 'complex'
ContactProperties attributes though I'm happy to add a 'createNode'
helper method to the Contact interface if there is any request for this
in the coming week.

I look forward to further review and feedback on the mailing list. I
will aim to remedy any outstanding issues in preparation for a proposed
FPWD publication in the very near future.

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(on working on a smaller set of attributes)


Received on Friday, 11 December 2009 16:03:14 UTC