Re: [contacts] Comments on editors draft of Contacts API

Hi Richard,

On Dec 3, 2009, at 16:51 , <> wrote:
> So, in order to not pollute the global namespace, could we keep the
> Constructor pattern but constrain this to our device namespace?
> Something like this:
> var newContact = new navigator.device.contacts.Contact('Pink Unicorn');
> ...rather than reverting to this...
> var newContact = navigator.contacts.add({name: {formatted: 'Pink
> Unicorn'}});

There's another option :)

var newContact = navigator.device.createContact('Orange Unicorn');

and then proceed as you would have with the constructor. It's not a big difference, but not all users are used to the fact that constructors don't have to be in the global namespace.

Robin Berjon
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