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I believe we are obligated to listen to and respond to all comments. I 
have offered to Arnaud and Eric create a wiki page for the issues 
arising on the public list so that we can keep track of them. (the 
threads morph, so it's a bit difficult to keep up.) At least that way we 
will know if we have considered and responded to all of the questions 
that arise, and decide which ones need to be formal issues.

In my reading, some of these requests are not little, although they may 
not be worded in the most direct way. Interpretation of them is indeed 


On 9/27/16 4:16 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> Is anyone here motivated enough to continue the conversations with Peter
> on the public comment mailing list? I find the style of communication
> there rather unhelpful. Are we forced to respond further? What if more
> people like this bombard us with all these little requests?
> I still have a day job, too.
> Holger

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