Re: proposed set of SHACL tests

Hi Peter,

thanks for playing with the test framework. I am still catching up on a 
number of fronts and may not have time to look into the details this 
week. A quick scan through your results indicates

- My current test framework also validates the shape definitions. A 
symptom of this is that, for example, values of sh:class are expected to 
be instances of rdfs:Class. The idea in my API is that this schema-level 
testing can be switched off using the "filtered" argument of 
ModelConstraintValidator.validateModel. ValueTestClass calls this with 
false, i.e. everything will be validated including shapes.

- Inferencing is switched off by default, as defined by the spec. So you 
should not expect rdfs:range and rdfs:domain to impact validation.

Moving forward my suggestion is for you to upload the tests that you 
have into a sub-folder of

(The folder "features" there contains tests created by myself, and I see 
that Karen had prepared the folder "dcmi".) You could add a folder 
"pfps" so that we can more easily discuss and update individual tests 
instead of shipping bulky .tar files around.


On 10/01/2016 3:32 PM, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> I fiddled with the test manifest and the tests.
> The test harness doesn't seem to be doing the right thing for failures, but I
> inserted print statements to see what was going on.  I put comments in the
> manifest file where I think there are problems with Holger's implementation.
> I attach the revised tests and manifest.
> peter

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